Stussy celebrated it’s 35th anniversary back in 2015. In todays culture, that is some achievement. The brands roots are well documented; its founder Shawn Stussy began creating custom, hand made surfboards out of his garage in the early 80s, blending innovative shapes with forward thinking graphics touching on everything from roots reggae to new wave and post punk. His skill was in demand, and several pro surfers were loyal to him. Everything was signed off with the now iconic hand drawn logo; a nod to OG graffiti handstyles and the signature of his uncle, abstract artist Jan Frederick Stussy.   



Stussy was an expert at taking disparate reference points and bringing them together through one unique lens. Stussys first forays into clothing offered the complete anti-thesis to the loud and brash traditional surf wear available at the time. As Robbie Jeffers, Stussy Team Manager, states in an interview with Complex, ‘I hated surf culture and the way surfers were. I just can’t stand bros. I don’t think Shawn liked it either, that’s kinda why he did what he did’. As the 80s drew to a close, discerning consumers were looking for gear that could easily transition from the street or beach in the day to the club or the bars at night. Stussy were there at the perfect time to ride this collective change in consciousness. 













The list of firsts that can be accredited to Stussy reads like a ‘how to’ for emerging brands in todays online culture. Referencing high fashion houses, flipping logos, reworking pop culture graphics, straddling the fine line between high and low, sending clothing to tastemakers across the world, offering an all encompassing lifestyle element, a carefully curated list of stockists…the list could go on and on. Stussy were amongst the first to put logos on baseball caps, and they attributed to 20% of the business in the late 80s. Although far less documented, Stussy even join Supreme on the list of brands sued by French fashion house Louis Vuitton. Things that seem second nature now were pioneered by the California brand.