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Converse Twisted Resort


In time with the launch of the Converse Twisted Resort pack we asked Milan based artist Stefano Colferai, the man behind the campaign creative, about all things absurd, escapist and creative living...

How does your space help you escape? What do you like to surround yourself with?

My space helps me to escape especially in an introspective way giving me the chance to be alone and focused with my ideas. The space where I am allowing to rework the ideas I have and the courage to unleash my creativity. When I am in my studio I can gather all the ideas I have and be able to shape them in something concrete.It's amazing what you can do with some plasticine, a computer and a pointed camera. I like to surround myself with sneakers.

What are your favourite three things you can currently see from where you are?

My Desk, football shirts around, A Kaki tree, and balconys from the building outside the window.

What is your favourite aspect from the Twisted Resort collection, and what inspired you for the creative?

The thing I like most is that everything is insanely connected bythecrazyextraterrestrial graphics, tapping into the supernatural with alien’s, ufo’s and cows getting abducted. It linksperfectly, stretching the imagination. It seems to be a scene of ordinary madness that looks funny and iintriguing.

What are your favourite escapist films, comics, or books?

What comes to mind are the comics by Jesse Jacobs, one of my favorite comics artists. Titles like Crawl Space and Safari honey moon. Movies: Moonrise kingdom by Wes Anderson, Into the Wild and Toy Story 3 where Woody and co. Trying to escape from a day care center.

I like to surround myself with sneakers.



What is your process/routine? What does a day in your life while creating look like?

My daily routine is divided between carrying out personal projects and commissions. When I manage to dedicate time to personal projects I am not always focused on a theme but I like the idea of being able to experiment with new movements in animation, try to improve in sculpting + portraits and celebrate anything that can stimulate my creativity: from a new dish tasted (I'm a great lover of the kitchen and cooking) or the release of a newshoe.

I usually try to have an editorial plan that I self-impose where I rotate sneaker, food, random idea, and animated portrait or just still shot to celebrate whatever I think can be catchy and cool to see.

Can you walk us through what it takes to make one of your plasticine creations?

It is exactly like drawing, but instead of using a single hand I use both to convey the image that is printed on my head. Based on what I want to achieve, I always start from the form, I rarely sketch and therefore I start from quick and rough sculpture.

The plasticine I use has standard colors, I spend a lot of time researching the shade I want to obtain by mixing different colors to be used on the models. To heat the plasticine I use an oven that makes it softer. Once I get a form result that I think is ok, I move on to defining and adding the details.

I help myself with pointed and rounded tools for details.If I have to make an animation almost always for the characters I make an internal core made of aluminum wire, to make everything more articulated and to give it greater support.

I personally take care of all the creative processes involved in creating a job. From sculpture, to the study of the set, to animation and post-production.

Converse Twisted Resort available now at Goodhood:

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