Maya Njie

Designer Maya Njie began her perfume brand with the mission to capture the spirit of her poignant family memories, through the power of scent. From her childhood summer house surrounded by the mercurial forests of Sweden, to the Sunday afternoon visits to her grandparents’ flat - she sought to bottle the scents connected to the classic 1970's Scandinavian idyll of her upbringing, combined with the soul of her Gambian heritage.

With deep-rooted provenance, her perfume formulas are developed in-house, mixed in small, fresh batches and filtered and bottled individually by hand, maintaining Maya's personal touch. Drawing on her education in surface design, Maya designs bespoke packaging for the scents, incorporating the dreamy colour ways of her family’s photographs. With this added detail, Maya Njie brings her memories to fruition, combining Swedish and West African culture into nostalgic yet contemporary aromas.